Monumental appartment Zutphen The Netherlands

Interior design and realisation

  • previous situation kitchen and wall between kitchen and livingroom
  • new situation kitchen and livingroom
  • livingroom before and after
  • demolish and under construction second floor
  • nieuwe situatie second floor
  • bathroom new

Appartment from 1905.The appartment, 130m2 needed a total renovation and new lay out for both floors.
A practical mapping and suitable for a family with four persons.

On the ground floor the wall between kitchen and livingroom has been taken away. An open kitchen arises with a three step stairs due to the upstairs room of the ground floor appartment. The second floor got four bedrooms, a bathroom with separate shower, separate toilet and washing machine closet.

Quality, limited budget, sustainablitity and tranquility were the startingpoints of the design.

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